Gourmet Dining From Home With Kosh’s Order-In Options

Gourmet Dining From Home With Kosh’s Order-In Options

Kosh Modern Steakhouse sits in Surfside, Florida where you can dine on the best kosher cuisine in the world. With a commitment to kosher dining and even Shabbat options, there is something for everyone at Kosh. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic still has a hold on South Florida, you can place catering and to-go orders at any time. Take a look at what Kosh gives your family and friends as you huddle around the dining table, TV, or kitchen. Hosting events like a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, anniversary party, or even a wedding is possible. This kosher grill Surfside location reaches out to everyone in the region.

Why Order In?
Indoor dining may not be your preference while the pandemic is ongoing, and you can place to go or catering orders with Kosh at any time. Kosh caters events at home, and to-go orders bring hot meals to couples and families for a lovely night in. As you plan a lovely reception, party, family reunion, or gourmet dinner, look through the Kosh menu to find the best options for any family. Kosh helps tailor your order to the event and everyone’s tastes.

The Menu: Soups
The menu at Kosh starts with soups such as Cream of Mushrooms and Chicken Soup. Mixed mushrooms and leeks sit in a hearty broth to warm your soul, or you might choose a chicken broth, sweet corn, cilantro, and a range of Latin flavors. This is a completely different starter than you will find in more restaurants. You certainly cannot pour it out of a can in your kitchen.

At Kosh, there is a range of kosher salads that you will enjoy depending on the flavors you enjoy and whether you want an entree or a starter. The house salad, kale salad, and Caesar salad serve as simple starters, but the house dressings make each salad much more delicious.

The Thai Beef Salad features arugula, basil, bean sprout, and a lemon-ginger dressing mixed in the Kosh kitchen. The Asian Chicken Salad features Szechuan chicken, vegetables, and crispy wontons. This sort of salad helps wake you up before your dinner, and the ginger-sesame dressing is a powerful addition to an otherwise flavorful salad.

A traditional Cobb Salad should be the part of any nice dinner, and grilled chicken, pastrami, avocado, boiled eggs, and a creamy red wine vinaigrette. You can eat these salads as an entree, or you can pair them with a salad to create the perfect lunch the next day. Order ahead to get as many salads as you need, and consider mixing them with the soups above which you can easily reheat.

Appetizers can take the place of your soup or salad depending on your tastes. Remember, these items come right to your table for family dinners or massive gatherings. You don’t have time to cook these meals on your own, and they arrive ready to eat at any time.

Beef Carpaccio, Shishito Pepper, Sweet and Sour Chicken, BBQ Wings, Short Ribs Gnocchi, Chicken Yakitori, Angus Beef Skewers, Sliders, and a Chilli Mix are just the beginning of your appetizer menu. If you are hosting an event, you can order one of each so that everyone at the party eats well. This is also the perfect food to serve when you host a Super Bowl watch party.

There are also Fancy Tostones with plantains, Smoked Veal Mushroom Arancini, and Korean Beef Bulgogi. You can take your meal one step further with a trio of tacos featuring orange duck. shredded beef or chicken, and guacamole with pico de gallo. No one else has orange duck tacos at their Bar Mitzvah or wedding.

The Entrees
The entree menu works perfectly for big parties because these luscious meals can sit in their heating trays for as long as you like. Consider items like the Beef Ragu Linguini, Chicken Supreme, Mushroom & Tenderloin Risotto, Tamarind Duck, or Pepper Tuna Steak. The Kosh Burger features sautéed mushrooms, crispy onions, and beef bacon. You can try the Caramel Salmon, Beef Back Ribs, and Seabass Thai. There’s also a Mushrooms NY Strip Steak that will delight everyone at your party. Imagine having these entrees catered to your event as your guests marvel at what you’ve done.

Kosh also offers cuts of meat off the grill, including Center Cuts, Pargiot, Reserve beef, Lamb Chops, Rib Eye, and Veal Chops.

What About Asian Options?
Asian options on the Kosh menu include a full range of appetizers from Edamame to Truffle-Tuna Bites, Kanisu, and Tuna Tataki. Crispy Cauliflower, and Raw Usuzukuri bring a bit of brightness to the table, and you can order a tempura mix that works as a perfect finger food for your guests.

Choose from a massive range of sushi rolls, and they arrive chilled or fried depending on your tastes.

Order In Today at Kosh for Your Next Event
When you must host a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, anniversary, or wedding, allow Kosh to keep it kosher with all your guests. You can keep everyone at your event happy, and you can also order to go if you are hosting smaller events at the house with the family. The wide range of flavors makes it easier for you to enjoy a properly Kosher meal. Reach out to his kosher steakhouse Surfside location to review the menu or place an order.