New Adventures in Idyllic Surfside

New Adventures in Idyllic Surfside

Located in the middle of Miami, the town of Surfside is a family-friendly destination where you can enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a big city combined with a relaxing laid-back feel of a small town. The oceanside community of Surfside features a mile-long strip of pristine beach, luxurious art-deco architecture, and international cuisine. The picturesque setting is a perfect spot for couples or families to enjoy some downtime and the kosher restaurant options bring a modern flair to authentic preparations from around the world. Here are some things to do while visiting the locale.

Enjoying the sun
With year-round sunshine, the beautiful weather will motivate you to enjoy the outdoors in any season. The entire community is designed to be walkable with wide avenues and easy trails to get you and your family to the beach. There are uninterrupted walking and biking paths along the beach as well as parties on first Fridays during the summer. Gentle waves of the Atlantic Ocean and warm waters mean that everyone, including children, adults, and seniors can enjoy getting into the water. For water-enthusiasts, kayaking is also an option. The bay is mostly calm and you can easily lose yourself while paddling through the peaceful waterways.

Grab a Citibike at one of the 59 spots spread throughout the town. The bikes can be conveniently returned to any of the 59 locations. Pedal through the idyllic streets to truly immerse yourself in the rich art and architecture of this historic place. The art deco buildings are as much fun to look at as people-watching on the beach. Porthole windows, motifs of exotic flora and fauna, and bright colors are prominent in this style of architecture. In Surfside, you can witness residential buildings near the 90th St and Collins Ave built in this style.

Families will also enjoy lounging in the community center which is open to visitors and residents alike. Facilities like a recreational pool, splash area for tots and older kids, café and hot tub let you and your family relax and spend time together. Whether you are renting a condo or a hotel, you can feel at home like a local as you participate in the various fitness classes offered for beginners to expert and senior age groups.

Harding Ave runs through the center of the town and the broad road is lined with unique shopping and dining experiences. The eclectic food offerings range from Asian, Mediterranean, bistro, American fare and ice cream salons with unique flavors. Kosh is a premier dining destination here that offers pure kosher food. Located on Harding Ave, the restaurant lies in the heart of the town. Its stylish décor and relaxed atmosphere bring a fun vibe to your meal. Looking at the menu itself is a delight as you read through the descriptions of hand-crafted sushi rolls, tapas, and steaks. The lighting, furniture, decorations, and most importantly, the food is designed to create an unforgettable experience. Popular dishes, such as Spicy Tuna rolls, are remade with a modern flair, melding colors, textures, flavors, and techniques that will invoke all your senses. The high-end kosher grill also boasts a complete collection of wines, beer, sake, and specialty cocktails along with a knowledgeable staff. However, take a reservation over the weekends to ensure you can find a table at this popular hangout. The restaurant offers kosher catering for parties along with a takeout menu.

Rustiko, owned by the same company, has excellent American kosher fare and is open through the day. They bring unusual combinations, such as enoki mushrooms, pico de gallo, sesame oil or wasabi mayo on your pizza with aplomb.

Shopping and Nearby Attractions
In contrast to the busy metropolis, Surfside feels like a world apart. It is an open and welcoming beach enclave, yet it is located with easy reach to so many great places to see and shop. Just steps away from the ocean, the downtown is a mix of unique stores and fashionable boutiques. In the winter months, the little beach town hosts a street party on third Thursdays. Mingle with the locals for a fun and laid-back vacation. Explore the world-renowned Bal Harbor shops located just a 10-minute drive north from Surfside. Florida’s version of the Rodeo drive, the open mall has lush tropical plants and exquisite boutiques. Right across the bay on the west is an exclusive club called the Indian Creek Country Club. The private island is known for its golf course. Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami allows you to explore the city’s growth as a cultural center.

Surfside is often called the Uptown Beachtown and for a reason. The shopping, nightlife, safety, and services make it family-friendly and a top spot for retired seniors. Sandwiched between sprawling Miami and ritzy Bal Harbor, the small town allows residents and visitors to take in the simple pleasures of outdoors in a safe environment.