Shabbat Dinner with Ease with Kosh’s Shabbat dinner Option

Shabbat Dinner with Ease with Kosh’s Shabbat dinner Option

A Delicious Shabbat Dinner awaits you At Kosh
If you’re looking for a fine dining experience that elevates the senses and uplifts the mood with satiating flavors then look no further than our Kosher Restaurant Surfside known simply as Kosh. We are ready to wait on you and give you the most elegant and delicious experience imaginable with the freshest ingredients and a convenient selection of Wines, Specialty Cocktails, Sake, and Beer to get you started off on the right foot.

From there we offer Kosher foods under supervision that will give you a sense of peace knowing that we are serious about the quality of our food. Our Delicious Shabbat Dinner is seating guests right now and we are happy to oblige as you join us for a relaxing evening as your gracious host. We pay attention to the finer details at our restaurant and give you the satisfaction you deserve with premium food and drinks that will make your day of rest much more special. At Kosh, we treat every individual with dignity and respect while catering to your every need!

Enjoy our delicious appetizers
We are the Kosher grill surfside to choose for the highest level dining experience with a friendly and professional environment. Our menu includes items from the delicious steakhouse grill, Tapas, or the Sushi Bistro with some amazing appetizers to start off a meal with Beef Carpaccio*(Raw Beef), Fancy Tostones, or Shishito Peppers. These will whet your appetite and get you ready for our amazing entrees. We are excited to give you unparalleled quality with a relaxing atmosphere that will enhance the evening and make it more memorable with us!

At Kosh, you will find that we take care to offer you the right level of style and taste that doesn’t over or underwhelm. All of your questions will be answered efficiently by our knowledgeable waiters and they know exactly what to suggest to fire up the evening and give you suggestions on their favorite appetizers. Other delectable options include Chicken BBQ Wings, Short Ribs Gnocchi, or Burger Sliders. All of these are great selections to start off a meal and give you a taste of what we have to offer. From there you will select a delicious entree!

The Ultimate dining experience with Kosh
You will be pleased with our mouth-watering selection of entrees where we guarantee you will find something to suit your individual palette. Each person is different, which is why we have carefully crafted our selection to meet your needs. Some amazing suggestions include Beef Ragu Linguini, Chicken Supreme, Beef Back Ribs, Mushrooms NY Strip Steak, and many more! Some options on the grill that are savory and satiating include Center Cut, Lamb Chop (three pieces), and a Rib Eye Steak that is to die for!

We have some unique sides to compliment your meal as well including Truffle Fries or our traditional house salad. You will find the perfect balance of taste when pairing them with our entrees and we are confident in giving you the best flavor profiles available on the Kosher market at Kosh. You will gain a sense of tremendous satisfaction from the moment you walk into our welcoming atmosphere to the time when you leave after enjoying generous portions of our famous dishes. Consult with us about special seating accommodations that might need to be made for your Shabbat Dinner and we will take care of everything for you by arranging things accordingly with no added stress.

Visit us today for an exemplary dining experience!
Now that you are aware of the vast possibilities we offer with the highest quality available it’s time to take action and give us a call so we can reserve your seat! We are excited to serve you with the highest level of precision and guest satisfaction. There are many subtleties we implement to make your visit a memorable one, and you will want to come back for future Shabbat Dinners because we cherish your business and enjoy your company! You are just a few steps away from enjoying one of the most satisfying dining experiences of your life, and Kosh is happy to make that happen with ease.

We are skilled in our jobs from the chefs to the servers and will give you all the right insight into the nature of our food with complete transparency and reliability so you can rest easy knowing it is properly sourced. The finest details are taken into consideration with a high level of cleanliness and upkeep practices that make us a sanitary establishment you can trust. Stop by today for your transcendent Shabbat Dinner experience at Kosh today and you will see the difference we offer! We look forward to serving you!